MOLECULAR FRONTIERS SYMPOSIUM2016 in Tokyo University of Science


High school students interested in “Science for the Next Generation”. Maximun participants: 150 students.

Venue Tokyo University of Science Kagurazaka Campus

Traffic Access

Access Located three minutes' walk from Iidabashi Station, accessible via
the JR Sobu Line, the Tokyo Metro Yurakucho, Tozai, and Namboku Lines, and the Toei Oedo Line.

Application deadline

Pre-registration deadline:June 15th(Wed.)2016
registration form must arrive by July 1th(Fri.), 2016.
In case of too many applications, we will hold a draw for place allocation.


Tokyo University of Science MF SYMPOSIUM Office
TEL.03-5228-8726 <Weekdays 8:30-12:45/13:45-17:00>

What is the Molecular Frontiers Symposium (MF)?

Molecular Frontiers Foundation (MFF) is a nonprofit organization that is operated by the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences (Kungliga Vetenskapsakademien: KVA) and founded in 2006 with the objective of increasing awareness on molecular science. The MF is held every year based on various themes that are related to our daily lives and the Earth, and has been held in places such as Stockholm, Gothenburg, Korea, and Singapore up to now.

Organized by Tokyo University of Science.
In association with the Molecular Frontiers - founded and supported by the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences and the Japan Science and Technology Agency (JST).
Sponsored by Toray Industries, Inc. , Toyoda Gosei Co., Ltd. , JSR Corporation, UBE INDUSTRIES,LTD, KURARAY CO., LTD. , Research Foundation for Opto-Science and Technology, Tokyo Ohka Foundation for The Promotion of Science and Technology, etc.
Under the auspice of the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology, the Embassy of Sweden in Japan, etc.

(As of May 2016)

PROGRAM?Molecules and Our Healthy Life

Day1 Sunday,Oct9

Opening ceremony
Greetings ; Bengt Norden, Chair of Molecular Frontiers Foundation:About MF
Reiko Kuroda
, Chair of MF2016 Tokyo University of Science: Theme of the Molecular
Frontiers Symposium

Guest greetings ; Kihei Maekawa, Vice-Minister, MEXT
■Light and Spectroscopy
Akira Fujishima:
Photocatalysis and CO2 Reduction
Hiroshi Amano:
Lighting the Earth by LEDs
Yoshinori Fujiyoshi:
Brain has a high water content
Iwao Ohmine:
How water fluctuates,reacts and phase changes?
■Science & Technology and our life/Environment
Ryoji Noyori:
Where am I from? Where are you going?
Y. T. Lee:
Dynamics of Chemical Reactions and the Sustainable Development of Humanity
■Inquiry Prize Session
※Learn more about Inquiry Prize.
■Math Spectacle Show
Jin Akiyama
■Students Exchange Meeting

Day2 Monday,Oct10

■Molecules of life
Ada Yonath:
Key issues in contemporary medicine, environmental aspects and the microbiome
Pernilla Wittung-Stafshede:
Protein folding is basis of life and death
Reiko Kuroda:
Left and Right ? Why does it matter?
■Molecules for life
Akira Suzuki:
An Example of Useful Science: Organic Synthesis by Organoboron Coupling Reaction
Satoshi Takamizawa:
Metal mimicking organic compounds in shape restoration

Panel discussion:
Future of molecular sciences

Closing session

Speaker . MF member Introduction

  • NP 2009 in Chemistry
    Ada Yonath

  • NP 2010 in Chemistry
    Akira Suzuki

  • NP 2014 in Physics
    Hiroshi Amano

  • NP 2001 in Chemistry
    Ryoji Noyori

  • NP 1986 in Chemistry
    Y.T. Lee

  • Professor,Tokyo University of Science
    Reiko Kuroda

  • Chair of MFF
    Bengt Nordén

  • President, Tokyo University
    of Science

    Akira Fujishima

  • Ex-Director General of Institute
    for Molecular Science

    Iwao Oomine

  • Professor,Tokyo University of Science
    Jin Akiyama

  • Professor,Yokohama City University
    Satoshi Takamizawa

  • Designated Professor,Nagoya University
    Yoshinori Fujiyoshi

  • Professor,Chalmers University of Technology
    Pernilla Wittung-Stafshede

  • COO of MFF
    Per Thorén

  • Lead Organizer of
    MF Inquiry Prize

    Åsa Rensfeldt

About Preparation Assignment

To prepare for the suggestion, please read the abstracts and complete the preparation assignment below.
The suggestion deadline for the preparation assignment is August 31.
A specialist gives comments and/or suggestions to your assignment.

* To open the file, you will be asked for the password which we sent you by email.


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