Jennings Stephen ジエニングズ ステイーブン Jennings Stephen 准教授

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  1. Responding to Globalisation through Internationalisation and how this affects English Language Teaching curricula

    I am conducting research in order to help shed light on university teacher attitudes to English Language Teaching (ELT) curriculum reform. This reform has emerged as a result of a growing Internationalisation in the tertiary sector in east Asia.
    I am particularly interested in Japanese teachers of English at universities and their attitudes to curriculum reform brought about by recent government policy announcements.
    The main ELT curriculum reform taking place in universities in Japan is a move towards Communicative Language Teaching activities. This affects Japanese teachers of English because many have mainly taught English through translating one language to another but now are being asked to make their classes more "active".
    It is my contention that such curriculum reform has great ramifications for the future of English Language Education in Japan.
    Reference: Ministry for Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology. Report on the Future Improvement and Enhancement of English Education (Outline): Five Recommendations on the English Education Reform Plan Responding to the Rapid Globalization (September 26, 2014)