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Language Programs

Language Programs enable students to learn English at an overseas university for one month usually during summer break.

Each program involves English classes at the destination university, providing an opportunity to learn a foreign language in a country where it is spoken. It is the perfect environment to reinforce academic instruction with practical application.

Furthermore, the training program involves more than classroom teaching. There are small excursions or opportunities to experience daily life there, making it a more integrative experience of language and culture.

Would you like to study English while experiencing firsthand a different kind of culture?

Oregon Program
(Oregon, United States)

California Program
(California, United States)

Manchester Program
(Manchester, United Kingdom)

Toronto Program
(Ontario, Canada)

Sydney Program – Spring and Summer
(New South Wales, Australia)

Cebu Program –
Spring and Summer


Internships - Spring
Silicon Valley Program
(California, USA)

Participants visit entrepreneurs, researchers, and global companies working within Silicon Valley. They also have the opportunity to observe lectures at prestigious universities, and meet up with students at Stanford University and the University of California, Berkeley.

Short-Term Student Exchange Program

The Short-Term Exchange Program provides participants with an opportunity to learn about different education styles through observing classes at the host university, and experience a different culture, history and society. Also it helps them understand the importance of human communication skills.

In 2014 Short-Term Student Exchange Programs were implemented between TUS and the Institute of Technology Bandung (Indonesia), Xi`an Jiaotong University (China) and Kunming University of Science and Technology(China), respectively. During each exchange visit, which lasts up to 10 days, around 10 students travel together and take part in a number of academic and cultural events and activities.

NOTE: All of these programs are subject to change. Please visit the International Affairs Section for up-to-date information.

One Year Study Abroad Program at University of California, Davis

This is a one-year study program, in which students are provided with a high-quality academic experience in the prestigious University of California system in the peaceful college town of Davis. Students take intensive English courses in the UC Davis Extension in the spring and summer quarters. They can enroll in campus courses as full-time, non-degree students in their own major area in the fall and winter quarters if they meet the academic requirements. Credits earned at UC Davis can be transferred and applied towards their TUS degree.

Program Schedule Outline

*1 Intensive course in English at UC Davis

*2 Intensive courses in English at UC Davis (Full-time, 20 hours per week),or depending on your ability with the English language, you may participate in campus courses

*3 Your TOEFL score, grades in the intensive English course, class attendance, and attitude will be evaluated by the adviser, by mid September. Depending on the outcome of the evaluation, you will be able to take campus courses.

Furthermore, you must aim for a score of 550 or higher on your TOEFL-ITP in order to participate in campus courses for the Fall Quarter. If for any reason your English skills are deemed insufficient to continue your education at the end of the intensive course, you must return to Japan and resume the second half of the school term. Our school's program coordinator and advisors of the UC Davis Extension will be available to answer any questions including how to register for campus courses.

Requirements to Participate

Participants will be selected based on the following five factors.

* Even after an unofficial confirmation has been made in December of the previous year, depending on the scores of your finals, your selection may be rescinded.