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Regarding IAESTE

IAESTE, the "International Association for the Exchange of Students for Technical Experience," is an international non-governmental agency whose main function is to give referrals for international internships to students of agricultural chemicals in science and technology departments.

IAESTE has committees in over 80 nations of the world. Committees in each nation collaborate with each other to promote international internships.

IAESTE Japan, the committee residing in Japan, was established in 1964 after being recognized by the government and is now headed by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology. IAESTE's prime goal is "offering assistance for finding technical training opportunities in various countries to Japanese students studying science and technology related disciplines, facilitating opportunities for students from other countries to study in Japan, and therefore promoting good international relations and mutual understanding." In Japanese, IAESTE is pronounced "I-ah-es-te."

IAESTE is under the leadership of the board of directors (comprised of faculty members from registered universities and corporations) and is supported by administrative workers and student volunteers. Over the past 40 years, they have dispatched about 2,700 students (including graduate students) overseas and have accepted the same number of foreign students into Japanese corporations and universities. Most of the operating funds of IAESTE come from membership fees from corporations, universities, and individuals who agree with IAESTE's vision.

In February 1988, a campus committee was founded within Faculty of Engineering Division I by a faculty member who had become a supporting member of IAESTE Japan. In November of 1989 the student organization "IAESTE" became officially recognized, and has since greatly contributed to IAESTE activities.

Summary of Foreign Exchange System

At IAESTE, a foreign exchange system (1 - to - 1 exchange) is used as a means to find places to accept overseas internships. During the annual international general meeting in January, all members of IAESTE gather to exchange internship information with each other and decide how many students will be dispatched or accepted at each country. For example, if a Japanese company decides to accept 100 foreign students, they will be able to send 100 Japanese students to other countries.

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