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Five Students from the Xi'an Jiaotong University in China Visit TUS to Participate in an Exchange Program as Part of the JST-led Sakura Exchange Program in Science (Course B)

2018.12.06 Thursday


For ten days from November 4th through the 13th, students from Xi'an Jiaotong University participated in a research exchange program hosted by the Tokyo University of Science (TUS) with the assistance of the JST-led Sakura Exchange Program in Science. The purpose of this visit was to use cutting-edge, mechanical engineering-related research at TUS, particularly in the area of aeronautical composite materials creation, strength evaluation and heat-resistant coating technology, at which TUS excels, as a means of enhancing reciprocal research and communication, as well as planting the seeds of future research exchange.

Although the amount of time spent on research activities was a brief five days out of the ten that the visitors were in Japan, this period of reciprocal research and cultural exchange, facilitated through the use of English as a common language, helped foster stronger, friendlier ties between the students of both universities. For some of the visitors the research they undertook in Japan was extremely similar to their research in China, while for others it was completely unrelated; regardless, all of the students found their five days of research to be tremendously stimulating but altogether too short. Below are some of the impressions and reflections of the student participants.

It felt like a lot of experience was required in order to produce good results with the experiments I was conducting in the Ushijima Lab. Still, though, my time here was a great opportunity for interaction and exchange with Japanese students. I've learned a great deal about different approaches to study and research utilized overseas. (Liu Yue)

I was in the Matsuzaki Lab, where I designed optimized CFRP structures built using a 3D printer. This is an area of research extremely similar to what I focus on back in China. I learned a lot about Japan in five days, and I learned a lot from the research I conducted here. I will definitely continue it after I return to China. This experience will be of great benefit to my research endeavors in the future. (Zhang Manyu)

I was with Zhang Manyu in the Matsuzaki Lab, and we were able to talk with the other members of the lab about the 3D printer CFRP formation processes we use in China as well as the applications of this technology. I am going to continue my thermoplastics research, and I hope to expand it to include joint research with TUS. (Liu Tengfei)

I was in the Okada Lab, where I had the opportunity to perform crack growth analysis research of SM400A steel. Although this area of research is completely different from my own, during my time in the Okada Lab I learned a great deal about fracture mechanics. My time here has been of inestimable value not only because of how it has broadened the scope of my academic understanding, but also because it has taught me so much about the beautiful country of Japan. (Liu Xuejing)

I was in the Arai Lab, where I performed numerical analysis-based evaluation of crack growth in TBC coating. At the same time, I was able to tour the lab facilities and was amazed at how advanced it is. This visit to Japan as a participant in the Sakura Exchange Program in Science has been a priceless experience for me. (Lin Hao)

Additionally, on November 12, the students had the opportunity to tour the AIST (National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology in Tsukuba City, Ibaraki Prefecture) and JAXA (in Mitaka City, Tokyo) research facilities and observe cutting-edge experimental mechanics-based strain evaluation using moire interferometry and wing structure aerodynamic property evaluation using a large wind tunnel.

Finally, TUS is extremely grateful to JST for providing this valuable opportunity to cultivate a broader, global perspective among young adults who represent the future of both China and Japan.

Research exchange in the lab (1)

Research exchange in the lab (2)

Research exchange in the lab (3)

Group photo during research
results report presentation session

Taking a tour at AIST

Taking a tour at JAXA