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Four Guests from Chinese Academy of Science Visit TUS through JST-led Sakura Exchange Program in Science--Joint Research Activities on Photocatalysis Implemented

2018.11.22 Thursday


For a period of 21 days from October 8 to October 28, 2018, one faculty member, one researcher, and two graduate students from the Chinese Academy of Science in China visited the TUS Photocatalysis International Research Center on the Noda Campus and conducted joint research with support from the Japan-Asia Youth Exchange (Sakura Exchange Program in Science) of the Japan Science and Technology Agency (JST).

On the first day (October 9) of their visit, the visitors were given explanations and a tour of the Photocatalysis International Research Center, and also participated in a discussion on experiment policies. The following day, after confirming precautions related to experiments, they participated in a lecture on concrete methods for using experimental equipment. In the evening of October 12, a welcome party was held, in which the visitors were able to deepen exchanges with students and faculty members of the Photocatalysis International Research Center, including Professor Akira Fujishima.

The following week, on October 13, the visitors toured the National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation Miraikan in Odaiba as well as the Tokyo Skytree, and had opportunities to learn about Japanese science, technology and culture.

The visiting students started conducting research using photocatalysis, cooperated with students from the Center, and actively made approaches toward research activities. Photocatalytic activity was evaluated using automatic contact angle gauges, ultraviolet and visible absorption spectrum measurement devices, etc. owned by TUS' Photocatalysis International Research Center. Since the visiting students were researching the electrochemical field using diamond electrodes back at home, at the Chinese Academy of Science, they were able to operate experimental equipment at TUS that they normally do not use, resulting in them being able to enjoy this new experience despite feeling some nervousness.

Through implementation of this exchange program, being able to have exchanges with outstanding students from China, such as through their positive attitude towards new research and ability to absorb skills and knowledge over a short period of time, provided a large stimulus not only for me but for TUS students as well. We are deeply appreciative of the JST's Sakura Exchange Program in Science, which has provided us with an opportunity for such exchange.

Networking event among faculty members and students
from the Photocatalysis International Research Center

Evaluating photocatalytic decomposition
activity using an ultraviolet and
visible absorption spectrum measurement device

Visiting Miraikan

Visiting the Museum of Science, TUS

Networking event with research group
from Northeast Normal University

Bestowal of Sakura Completion Certificates
(Prof. Zhi, Ms. Yang, Ms. Liu, Mr. Li)