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Students from Qufu Normal University Experience "I Love Science! Experiment Class" through JST-led Sakura Exchange Program in Science

2018.11.12 Monday


For a period of nine days, from October 9 to 17, eight foreign students, one researcher and one supervising faculty member from Qufu Normal University in Shandong Province, People's Republic of China were welcomed into Professor Kawamura's lab in the Department of Physics, Faculty of Science Division I through the Japan-Asia Youth Exchange Program in Science (Sakura Exchange Program in Science) of the Japan Science and Technology Agency, and implemented a program.

The theme for Professor Kawamura's research lab for this academic year is "Methodology of Japanese-style Science Faculty Training Incorporating Active Learning". The visitors participated in a program centering on the "I Love Science! Experiment Class" consisting mainly of activities by this research lab.

"I Love Science! Experiment Class" is a project where members of the general public are welcomed into the Tokyo University of Science and are able to participate in experiment workshops. Thus, for students in the research lab, this is a valuable opportunity to carry out class simulations that mimic actual classes.

In "I Love Science! Experiment Class", the theme was "spectroscope tubes / kaleidoscopes", and the actual workshop was held on October 16. At the preliminary sharing session on October 15, the visiting students produced actual spectroscope tubes and kaleidoscopes together with the students from Professor Kawamura's research lab. The students confirmed together that the spectra differ in the incandescent bulbs and fluorescent LED bulbs for the spectroscope tubes that they manufactured, and were able to grasp the essential points of this experiment workshop. For the actual experiment, the visiting students were grouped together with the participants in "I Love Science! Experiment Class", and helped them produce spectroscope tubes and kaleidoscopes through gestures and by using English.

During the "I Love Science! Experiment Class", a round-table discussion and workshop were held to introduce the activities of the lab. Visits were also made to the "Theory of Science Education" and "Experimental Physics 2" classes at TUS. "Theory of Science Education" is a course for people pursuing a teaching profession, and is taught in a new style where classes are based on a flipped teaching method.

On October 13, the visitors also toured the Panasonic Center RiSuPia as part of their social education.

This year marks the third year that Professor Kawamura's research lab has welcomed the Sakura Exchange Program in Science. We will continue to do our best in the future to promote science education activities in China. We are thankful for the JST's Sakura Exchange Program in Science, which has provided us with such an opportunity for exchange.

In round-table discussions,
a paper on charcoal battery vehicles was read

Introduction of research on tabletop
Savonius windmill and wind power generator

Scene from I Love Science! Experiment Class

Group photo during Final Guidance