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Eleven Students and Faculty from the Xi'an Jiaotong University Visit TUS to Participate in an Exchange Program as Part of the JST-led Sakura Science Plan

2018.10.02 Tuesday


From August 26th until September 1st, students and faculty from Xi'an Jiaotong University participated in an exchange program hosted by TUS with the assistance of the JST-led Sakura Science Plan. The aim of this exchange program was to teach participants about Japan and Japanese culture, while also providing the opportunity to conduct research alongside TUS students and faculty. In terms of cultural exposure, participants attended lectures on Japanese culture, as well as learned first-hand about Japanese music (shamisen performance), tea ceremony, archery and traditional cuisine. Every day was filled with active learning incorporating all five senses.

A three day program focused on exchange and interaction with TUS students was planned for the participants and featured such activities as laboratory internships in the Faculty of Science and Technology's Department of Mechanical Engineering, report presentations and group activities in Tokyo. A key aim of the program was to utilize collaboration and mutual learning with TUS students to cultivate a broader, international mindset among the young people of both countries. TUS is grateful to JST for making exchange opportunities such as these possible.

Below are some of the impressions and reflections contributed by the student participants.

•Internship in Takahashi Lab is impressive and meaningful as well. It is the first time I dabbled in the field of material strength. With the help and instruction of T.A. students, there are quite a lot first attempts for me. By the way, the wonderful atmosphere in Pro. Takahashi's Lab did surprise me. On one hand, they showed us their professionalism with precise and patient guidance and introduction of our project. In the meanwhile, they showed a strong desire and curiosity when faced new topic or problems. On the other hand, their humour and hospitality represented a passion towards work and life. I really cherish the opportunity to enjoy working with them as a big family. (Lu Chenying)
•In the Tsukihara's lab, we learned numerical simulation of fluid dynamics. Not only did I mastered the basic skills of numerical simulation, but also I have learned a way of thinking: learn theoretical knowledge first, then build an ideal model and take realistic factors into consideration. After that, you can simulate on computer programming. So it is vital for us to master the way of thinking. So I shall use the things I learned in Japan to improve myself. (Chen Yanling)
•In the Okada Laboratory, I learned how to perform backward analysis, whereby we have already got some results of an experiment and we should adjust the data to fit the experiment's results and try to promote the program. They are quite different and they gave me a lot of inspiration. I think I can try to use backward thoughts in the future research. By the way, "Oma" and "Yodai" (who gave us some guidance in the lab) are real friendly and patient, and we have become good friends. I formed a friendship with the TAs assisting me - "Oma" and "Yudai" - and I truly loved the lab environment in which I worked. (Chen Huangyu)
•I will always remember and cherish the time I spent here, as so many of the students I met I will likely never meet again. This experience has truly taught me what it means to have a "once-in-a-lifetime opportunity." (Wu Shanwen)

Group photo in front of the Faculty of Science and Technology
on the TUS Noda Campus. The ten Xi'an Jiaotong University students
and one faculty are pictured together with their Japanese hosts
and fellow TUS students.
During an internship in the Okada Laboratory of the Faculty
of Science and Technology's Department of Mechanical Engineering.
Students receive instruction from a graduate student.

During an internship in the Takemura Laboratory. Students partook
in virtual reality research.
Members of the TUS Kyudo Club helped Xi'an Jiaotong University
students experience Japanese archery. The first time is always difficult...