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Thirty-three High School Students from Korea and Indonesia Visit TUS as Part of the JST-led Sakura Exchange Program in Science

2018.06.29 Friday


On Friday, June 22, 2018, thirty-three high school students from Korea and Indonesia, who are in Japan as part of the Japan-Asian Youth Exchange Program in Science (Sakura Exchange Program in Science) operated by the Japan Science and Technology Agency (JST), paid a visit to the Tokyo University of Science (TUS) Kagurazaka Campus.

The students arrived in the morning and were greeted by International Division Manager Narayan, who talked to them about TUS. They listened with rapt attention and had many questions about studying abroad at TUS.

Afterwards, the students visited the Museum of Science and the Mathematical Experience Plaza as part of their tour of TUS facilities. They explored the various displays, learning about the historical development of modern science as well as the fascinating world of mathematics.

At lunchtime, the high school students ate with some of the international students at TUS and listened to the stories of campus life and life in Japan that the international students had to tell. These stories helped provide the high school students with a more tangible idea of what it is like to study abroad in Japan.

The students' interest never flagged; they sought to make the most of every moment and departed with smiles on their faces.

Student participants listen
with rapt attention during introduction to TUS

Student participants have many questions about TUS

Indonesian high school students listening to an explanation
at the Mathematical Experience Plaza

Korean students touring the Museum of Science, TUS

Participant students eat lunch
with international students at TUS

Group photo of participant students (in front of TUS)