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Eleven Students and Faculty from Xi'an Jiaotong University in China Visit TUS as Part of the JST-led Sakura Science Plan

2018.01.15 Monday


Between November 19th to the 28th, Tokyo University of Science welcomed students and faculty from Xi'an Jiaotong University in China as part of an exchange program run in connection with the Japan Science and Technology Agency's Sakura Science Plan. The primary focus of the program was to introduce the participants to Japanese culture and cutting-edge technology, as well as to the TUS community. Towards that end, on-campus tours of the Center for Fire Science and Technology and other facilities were provided, lectures on Japanese culture and the history of Sino-Japanese relations were offered, and Japanese music (a shamisen performance), tea ceremony, kendo and Japanese cuisine experiences were arranged. Each day was full of learning activities incorporating all five senses.

The program activities were also designed to ensure interaction between the participants and TUS students, such as through a three day laboratory internship in the Faculty of Science and Technology's Department of Mechanical Engineering, through presentation sessions and through group activities in Tokyo. One aim of the program was to have the participants learn from and alongside TUS students in order to foster a more international outlook among the young people of both countries. TUS is extremely grateful to JST for making opportunities such as these possible.

The following are some of the reflections and impressions written by the program students.

  • I had the opportunity to see everyone hard at work in the Takahashi Laboratory. I was impressed by the dedication and strict self-discipline they demonstrate in pursuing their research. Their example has inspired me in my own life and research. Students and teachers in the laboratory seem more like friends, and everyone gets along like one big happy family. (Liu Buwei)
  • The Takemura Laboratory specializes in biomechanics. It is a truly new technological field that is relevant to many other areas and issues. The VR system was cool, and it was great that we had jobs connected with it! (Chen Zhiyang)
  • I really liked the atmosphere in the Tsukahara Laboratory. Everyone was so friendly and helpful. I was told that, in the lab, undergraduate and graduate students work together to carry out research. In China, undergraduate students only attend lectures and do not set foot in the laboratory. I was struck by how dedicated all the Japanese students are to their research. (Chen Wenzhao)
  • I can honestly say that I was treated with the utmost kindness and hospitality during this program. Because I am the sort of person who likes making new friends, I loved that the volunteers were all so personable and approachable. (Hu Mengyuan)
  • I hope to continue my Japanese language studies after I return to China so that I can deepen my knowledge of Japan. These ten days have been full of experiences that will stay with me for the rest of my life. I certainly intend to return to Japan some day. (Ji Yu)

Group photo in front of the TUS Noda Campus main gate.
Includes the ten Chinese students and one faculty member,
as well as the TUS welcoming representative.

Internship in the Tsukahara Laboratory in
the Faculty of Science and Technology's Department of
Mechanical Engineering.
Participants shown with the graduate student instructor.

Internship in the Okada Laboratory.

Kendo sword practice. Everyone is so young and flexible!

Hearing the rich tones of the shamisen gets everyone
on their feet to dance to Okinawa folk songs.

A tea ceremony experience provided with
the help of everyone in the TUS Tea Ceremony Club.
It was also the first time participants had seen kimono up close.

A summary presentation of everything the participants
learned from their internships and
Japanese cultural experiences.

At the farewell dinner party.
Here is to lasting exchange between the students of
Xi'an Jiaotong University and TUS.