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Five Researchers from China's Northeast Normal University Visit TUS to Conduct Joint Research into Photocatalysts through JST's Sakura Science Plan

2017.12.13 Wednesday


For three weeks between November 15 and December 5, the Phothocatalysis International Research Center located on the Noda Campus of Tokyo University of Science (TUS) welcomed two professors and three graduate students from China's Northeast Normal University to undertake joint research supported by the Japan Science and Technology Agency's (JST) Sakura Science Plan.

The aim of this invitational program, carried out via the 'Collaborative Research Activity Course' of the Sakura Science Plan, was to undertake collaborative research and to convey basic knowledge and research techniques related to photocatalysts, which is an area where Japan is renowned as a scientific and technological leader. In addition, opportunities for the visitors to experience Japan's terrific cutting-edge technology as well as its culture were actively provided.

Researchers from TUS were able to visit Northeast Normal University last year thanks to the mutual exchange program sponsored by TUS, and that made this year's visit feel like a happy reunion right from the start. On the first day of the visit, the researchers met to discuss what topics of research to tackle, and they settled on "Ammonium Ion Reduction in Water via Photocatalysis" and "Toluene Photolysis and Pyrolysis via Visible Light-Responsive Photocatalysis."

The student researchers from Northeast Normal University showed some trepidation at first, as they were unfamiliar with how to operate some of the experimental equipment. However, working alongside TUS students, the student researchers soon figured out how to use the equipment, and their trepidation gave way to excitement at the new experiences being afforded them.

During the program, President Fujishima organized a luncheon for all of the participants. It was an extravagant affair attended by not only Professor Zhang's group from Northeast Normal University but also Professor Zhi's group from the Chinese Academy of Sciences, who were also at the Phothocatalysis International Research Center as part of the Sakura Science Plan.

At the end of the program, the researchers traveled to the Katsushika Campus to participate in the Photocatalysis International Symposium that was held by TUS. Professor Zhang was invited to give a lecture, and Dr. Wang and his graduate student, Ma He, provided a poster presentation. Ma He's presentation was so impressive that he was honored with the Young Poster Presentation Award.

Apart from all of this, the visiting researchers also had opportunities for sightseeing in the city on the weekends. Visiting the National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation, ascending the Skytree and taking a cruise in the waters around Odaiba were just some of the activities which they enjoyed.

Thanks to this invitational program, a deeper, more personal connection has been forged between Northeast Normal University and TUS, as well as the seeds sown of future research collaboration between the universities. TUS is extremely grateful to JST for making opportunities such as these possible.

Professor Zhang and the other researchers from
Northeast Normal University
Collaborative research with two TUS students (at right)

Collaborative research with a TUS student (at left)
Luncheon with President Fujishima

Guest lecture delivered by Professor Zhang
Dr. Wang provides a poster presentation

Ma He (at right) provides a poster presentation
Ma He receives the Young Poster Presentation Award

Visiting the National Museum of Emerging Science
and Innovation
Realizing a deeper, more personal connection between
the universities