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Group of 11 People from China's Xian Jiaoting University Visit the Tokyo University of Science through the JST's Sakura Science Plan--Exchange Program Implemented

2016.12.21 Wednesday


Based on support from the Sakura Science Plan organized by the Japan Science and Technology Agency, an exchange program was implemented with Xian Jiaoting University from November 20 to 29. This is the third cycle of the program with this University, following exchanges two years ago and last year.

This invitational program focuses on having participants learn about Japan, advanced Japanese science and technology, Japanese culture, and the Tokyo University of Science. In addition to a tour of the TUS' Photocatalysis International Research Center and the National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation (Miraikan), a lecture by the university president, and classes on Japanese language and the history of exchange between Japan and China were held. To develop understanding of Japanese culture, there were also opportunities for the visitors to experience traditional Japanese music (shamisen performance), a tea ceremony, Japanese archery, and Japanese food. The days were enriched with making use of the five senses, as the participants learned many things and moved their bodies.

Exchanges with TUS students were also planned, including a two-day internship in a research laboratory, an open discussion forum, and group activities in Tokyo. The program progressed lively, with a mix of English, Chinese, and Japanese, as well as conversations by writing and body language. This was also an enjoyable experience for the TUS students, in which they fostered friendships that transcended borders.

Some of the thoughts written by students are as follows.
•I had a wonderful experience in the research laboratory, and at the same time, it is something that I will never be able to forget. Although it was a challenge for me to understand new technical terms, I was amazed that I was able to learn them before long. This might be the magic that is involved when tackling science. There are no borders in front of technology. The professors and students are passionate and patient, and they did their best to make me understand, even in response to detailed questions that I had.
•The workshop by the Takemura Research Group using a motion capture system left me with a very strong impression. The professor explained things carefully, and I was able to understand that this technology is helpful for moving robots to cooperate with humans. Since I came to Japan, I found that the professors are patient and have a sense of responsibility, and that the students are friendly and have lots of humor. I made my first Japanese friends.
•After I go back to China, I want to study Japanese. By doing so, I will be able to overcome the language barrier. During my 10-day stay, I was able to make friends and learn about Japan. This program was very helpful for me. I cannot wait for Japanese students to come visit Xian Jiaoting next time.

Commemorative photo with President Fujishima

Research lab in the Department of Mechanical Engineering,
Faculty of Science and Technology,
where students stayed for an internship

Japanese archery experience

Shamisen experience

Tea ceremony experience


Farewell dinner party