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Library Operation

Opening hours
(Normal hours)
Weekdays 9:00 am-10.00 pm
Saturdays 11:00 am-7.00 pm
Sundays and Public holidays Closed

* Borrowing and returning library materials and use of the copy machine finish 15 minutes before the library closes.
Library calendar (PDF) (Only in Japanese)

Borrowing rules and regulations

Loan periods and number of items on loan are as follows:

Loan periods Years 1-3 and Year 4 (current students) 14 days
Students researching graduation thesis,
graduate school students and higher
1 month
Maximum number of items on loan Total 20 items
Loan extensions Library materials Once
Audio-visual materials No extensions permitted
  • Magazines/journals may not be borrowed.
  • Taking these outside the library under special circumstances is only permitted on the day of application. Please inquire at the counter.
  • As loan periods may vary during holidays, please refer to notice boards and websites.
  • Please note that when any borrowed item becomes overdue, borrowing privileges are suspended for the number of days that the item is overdue (including library closure days).

Library conduct

  • Please follow library staff instructions.
  • Please do not inconvenience other users.
    1. Please keep quiet and do not speak in a loud voice.
    2. Please do not eat or drink outside the designated areas.
    3. Smoking is prohibited within the library building.
    4. Please set cell phones to silent mode and refrain from talking on the phone inside the library.
    5. Please do not loan out borrowed materials to others.
    6. Loss or damage of materials may be subject to payment. Please take responsibility for items and treat them carefully.
    7. Photography is prohibited within the library. When photography is required for research purposes please inquire at the counter.
  • Any materials not checked out may not be taken outside the library.
  • The book detection system has been installed to prevent borrowers from forgetting to check out materials. To minimize any possible effects from electromagnetic waves, please pass promptly through the entry/exit area.
  • Please keep personal valuables with you at all times. In particular, ensure that you do not leave wallets or cards on desks. The library is not responsible for any theft on library premises.

Library Data

Chief librarian Shigetoshi Miura (Professor,Department of Biological Science and Technology, Faculty of Industrial Science and Technology)
Address 6-3-1 Niijuku, Katsushika-ku, Tokyo 125-8585
Telephone 03-5876-1541
FAX 03-5876-1660
Location 1st-2nd floors of library building
Floor area 3,358m²
Japanese books 130,228 volumes
Foreign books 39,963 volumes
Japanese journals 218 titles
Foreign journals 453 titles
Electronic journals Approximately 10,000 titles (central administration at the Katsushika Library)
No. reading room seats 608 seats
Staff 1 Section manager, 2 Office staff, 15 Service staff
Date of opening of the current library building April 1, 2013

(as of May 1, 2015)