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Outline of the Malaysian Twinning Program

"The Higher Education Loan Fund Project"(HELP) in Malaysia is a developmental assistance program provided by Japan to the Malaysian government. Founded in 1992, it provides financial assistance to Malaysian students who seek to obtain higher education in Japan. At TUS, we have had six students admitted through HELP1 (after receiving preliminary education for 2 years, they entered as a first year student at a Japanese university). HELP2 (also known as the "Twinning Program," consists of 1 year of preliminary education and 1 year of college level education before entering a Japanese university as a second year student), a more advanced version of HELP1, ran from 2001 until 2005. Over the course of these five years, nine students entered TUS under HELP2. Also, starting in 2005, HELP3 (1 year of preliminary education + 2 years of university education, before transfering into a Japanese university as a third year student) was implemented as a means of updating the system by improving the local education of the target country. HELP2 included the entire field of science and engineering, but HELP3 focuses on "electromechanical" and "mechanical engineering." We accepted 32 students under HELP3 from 2008 until 2013. In 2014 the Malaysia Japan Higher Education Project (MJHEP) funded by the Malaysian government, was introduced as a continuance of the HELP3, under which 2 students entered TUS.

The Departments we allow transfers for are the following.

Faculty of Engineering Division I Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering
Faculty of Science and Technology Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering
Faculty of Industrial Science and Technology Applied Electronics