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Using the Ninomiya House of the Japan International Science and Technology Exchange Center

This facility has been established by the Japan international Science and Technology Exchange Center (JISTEC), which works directly under the Science and Technology Agency. For placement into this housing unit, you must be a national researcher, or a family member of a researcher, at one of the national laboratories in the Tsukuba District. However, since the ministries' consolidation, the housing is also available to university students.

Additionally, because of the opening of the Tsukuba Express (TX), people from the Kashiwa and Noda Districts are permitted to submit housing applications. Finally, in order to stimulate the exchange of information and culture between international and domestic researchers, the Tsukuba housing unit is now available to Japanese as well as foreign researchers.

Please contact your Property Administration Division for more information.

Administrative Procedures

Dormitory Summary

Room Count 184 rooms (Fully furnished, internet access)
Single Room 1LK (34 square meters) 104 rooms 76,000 yen/month 2,533 yen/day
Shared Room
(for two persons)
2LDK (63 square meters) 80 rooms 100,000 yen/month 3,334 yen/day
Additional Facilities Salon, lounge, traditional Japanese rooms, tea room, conference room, seminar room, guest house, gym, etc.
* Utilities and fees for common services must be paid additionally. No security deposit or key money is required.

How to Apply

  1. Confirm vacancy
    Applicants must first contact the Property Administration to confirm current availability.
    • Foreign researchers can confirm this 6 months prior to moving in.
    • Japanese researchers can confirm this 3 months prior to moving in.
  2. Submit application (at least 1 month prior to moving in)
    If there are vacancies, please make a copy of the application (Form 1) designated by the JST International Residence for Researchers and submit it to the Property Administration.
    • "JST Foreign Researcher Dormitory" Application and Permit (Form 1)
  3. Confirmation of Acceptance
    Once your application has been evaluated by the JST, you may be accepted as a tenant. If you are given permission to use the dormitory, the permit will be sent to the university.
    * The Property Administration Division will inform you of the results.
  4. Moving in
    The new tenant receives the key in the presence of their TUS supervisor during the regular business hours of the JST House Administrative Office. The new tenant must then move in and fill out and submit the following paperwork.
    • Passport (Must submit for all tenants of your room including family or roommates)
    • Tenant Provisions (Form 6)
    * Must have a representative of the host faculty present.If you violate the tenant provisions, your tenancy may be cancelled.
    Please read the Tenant Provisions (Form 6) carefully.
    If you cannot move in during the business hours of the JST House Administrative Office (9 AM to 5 PM, excluding weekends and holidays), please have your host faculty sponsor come and accept the key in your place during business hours.
  5. Moving out
    Once your contract has expired, you must submit the Moving Out Form (Form 3) to the JST House Administrative Office. When you move out, please clean out your room. A staff member of the Administrative Office will inspect your room to make sure everything has been returned to its original state. After that is complete, you must return your key by 3 PM on the same day.
  6. Others
    If there is a change in your leasing period, please submit the Usage Change Form (Form 5).

Form 1 - Form 6 can be downloaded here.