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MOT education based on the university's founding spirit

Since its foundation, the Tokyo University of Science has provided education that is anchored in its desire to serve as a "foundation for the development of the nation through the advancement of science." Based on this spirit, the university has endeavored to pursue fundamental research and the development of researchers. Today, the university is fostering specialists in technology management that will open the way to business application and industrialization of technologies through the Management of Science and Technology (MOT) program of its Graduate School of Management of Science and Technology. TUS possesses comprehensive scientific technologies that cover not only engineering but also integrated science and engineering. Based on the scientific and technical research it has cultivated over the years, TUS is providing education that fuses technology and management—two realms that have proved difficult to tie together—with an eye toward commercialization and business application.

Implementing practical education that takes advantage of industrial collaboration

The government is aiming to establish Japan as a "nation built on intellectual property." It is taking this approach based on its recognition that strategic protection and application of the results of research and creative endeavors as intellectual property are important elements of efforts to reinforce the international competitiveness of Japan's industry and to stimulate the economy. The government is thus moving forward with steps to establish a comprehensive framework for intellectual property that is made up of university intellectual property offices and technology licensing organizations (TLO). The Tokyo University of Science has been selected as a project for establishment of a university intellectual property office and has likewise been recognized as a TLO establishment project. TUS will apply the benefits of industrial collaboration that will be promoted by this recognized TLO to MOT education.

Developing human resources with practical capabilities in technology management tied to science, technology, and markets

Today, the advancement of industrial technologies must be systemized and integrated in a manner that appropriately balances a broad range of technologies. Moreover, there is a need for new product development that reaches beyond the technologies possessed by individual companies to include consideration of alliances and M&A. This is due to the existence of latent possibilities for integration of completely different fields in ways never before imagined to create new products. Understanding this, the Graduate School of Management of Science and Technology is helping technicians gain a wide range of specialties through MOT education, ascertaining markets, fostering abilities that are tied to technologies and markets, and developing human resources capable of bringing innovation to business and industry.