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*No new applications will be accepted on and after April 2020.

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The aim of the Department of Management Science is to cultivate human resources who have learned the knowledge and research methods desired of researchers in management science and advanced general business management engineers, and who can discover and resolve scholarly and practical issues, based on mathematical analytical skills and information technology utilizing computer systems.

List of Research Areas and Faculty Members

Major Title Name Research Area
Humans/Information Engineering Professor AKAKURA Takako Educational Engineering, Legal Engineering
Professor FURUKAWA Toshihiro Information Transmission, Digital Signal Processing
Professor IKEGUCHI Tohru Mathematical Informatics, Nonlinear Informatics
Professor TANIGUCHI Yukinobu Visual Media Processing
Professor YASHIMA Hiroyuki Information Systems Engineering,
Communication Engineering
Associate Professor FUJISAWA Masaya Communication Engineering, Code Theory
Associate Professor IKEBE Yoshiko Mathematical Planning, Discrete Optimization
Junior Associate Professor TATSUKAWA Tomoaki Design Exploration, Multi-objective Optimization
Systems Mathematical Engineering Professor MIYABE Hiroshi Information Systems Engineering, Network Engineering
Professor WATANABE Hitoshi Networked Control Engineering
Associate Professor SHIOHAMA Takayuki Time Series Analysis, Economical Data Analysis
Professor SOZU Takashi Statistical Science
Junior Associate Professor SHINOZAKI Tomohiro Statistical science, Epidemiology and preventive medicine
Medical Statistics Professor SOZU Takashi Biostatistics