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Graduate School of Innovation Studies

Department of Innovation Studies*

*No new applications will be accepted on and after April 2018.


The objective of the Department of Innovation Studies is to cultivate knowledgeable and capable human resources to carry out education and research related to technical management and intellectual property in order to manifest the results of research and education in industry, systemize practical knowledge with high applicability that is directly linked to promoting innovation on a global scale, and delve deeper in the form of theoretical research.

List of Research Areas and Faculty Members

Major Title Name Research Area
Concept and Prototyping Professor MIYANAGA Hiroshi Theory of Business Creation Strategy
Professor SAKAMOTO Masanori Theory of Technological Strategy
Professor BETSUSHIYO Nobuo Theory of Technological Strategy
Innovation and Logic Professor MATSUSHIMA Shigeru Business History
Professor ITAMI Hiroyuki Theory of Management Strategy
Professor SASAKI Keigo Theory of Management Organization
Professor KITSUKAWA Takeo Business History
Associate Professor NISHINO Kazumi Theory of Management Strategy
Intellectual Property Management Professor ISHII Yasuyuki Economic Theory of Intellectual Property
Professor HIRATSUKA Mitsuyoshi Theory of IP management