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*No new applications will be accepted on and after April 2018.

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The Graduate School of Management of Science and Technology was established at the Tokyo University of Science as a new Graduate School in April 2004 in accordance with the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology's promotion to found "Specialist Graduate Schools," the purpose of which is cultivation of advanced professionals. The Department of Management of Science and Technology (MOT) was established as the university's first professional degree course (Specialist Graduate School), and in April 2005, the Department of Master of Intellectual Property (MIP) was established as part of the same Graduate School. In the 2009 academic year, the name of the Department of Management of Science and Technology was changed to the Department of Management and Technology.In the 2011 academic year, the name of the Graduate School of Management of Science and Technology was changed to the Graduate School of Innovation Studies.

The Department of MOT produces results in research and education of technology with a focus on science and engineering, and the central issue of the department is "management ideals" for realizing such results in markets as real industrial results. In order to continue preserving these industrial results, it becomes necessary for the intellectual property that is yielded as the result of such research and development to be protected as a right as well as to be used effectively; the central topic of the Department of MIP is ideal for enabling strategies to this end.

The Department of Innovation Studies was established in April 2009 as the third Department in the Graduate School of Management Science and Technology, with the doctoral course serving as a place to implement education and research on deep knowledge to practice scientific and engineering theories in companies and industries, as a response to social needs for more human resources who are both knowledgeable and capable of systematic practicable knowledge directly linked with promoting innovation on a global scale and to delve deeper in the form of theoretical research. This is all based on the foundation of practical education and research in the Special Graduate Schools of the Department of MOT and Department of MIP.

In addition, classes for the Department of Innovation Studies are held on weekday evenings and on Saturdays to enable working people, such as those who have completed the Department of MOT and MIP courses, to attend school.


  1. The objective of the specialist degree course is to cultivate deep learning and well-developed skills for assuming occupations that require advanced expertise.
  2. The objective of the doctoral course is to systemize deep knowledge for practicing the theories of science and engineering in companies and industries, and to carry out education and research theoretically.