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TSAI  JAW SHEN Professor

Tokyo University of Science, Faculty of Science Division I, Department of Physics


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Under-Graduate School 1975, University of California at Berkeley, School of Letter and Science, Physics, Graduated
Graduate School 1983, State University of New York at Stony Brook, Department of Physics, Physics, Doctoral course Completed program with degree
Postgraduate Qualification State University of New York at Stony Brook, Ph.D. Degree in Physics, Course
Research History
Employment History 1983-1985 Microelectronics Research Laboratories, NEC, Research Scientist
1985-1990 Fundamental Research Laboratories, NEC, Supervisor
1990-1993 Fundamental Research Laboratories, NEC, Research Manager
1993-1996 Fundamental Research Laboratories, NEC, Principal Researcher
1996-2001 Fundamental Research Laboratories, NEC, Senior Principal Researcher
2001-2007 Fundamental Research Laboratories, NEC, Fellow
2001-2012 Macroscopic Quantum Coherence Team, RIKEN, Team Leader
2007-2014 Nano Electronics Research Laboratories, NEC, Fellow
2012-2012 Single Quantum Dynamics Research Group, RIKEN, Group Director
2013-2014 Macroscopic Quantum Coherence Research Team, Quantum Information Electronics Division, RIKEN Center for Emergent Matter Science, Team Leader
2014- Superconducting Quantum Simulation Research Team, Quantum Information Electronics Division, RIKEN Center for Emergent Matter Science, Team Leader
2015- Tokyo University of Science, Professor
Sex Male
Date of Birth
Research Keyword superconductivity, Josephson effect, quantum, coherence, qubit, artificial atom
Research Area Condensed matter physics II (Josephson Effect, superconducting qubit)
Research Institute Theme Superconducting quantum circuit
Academic Awards Received
Medal with Purple Ribbon
Japan Society of Applied Physics commentary Paper Award
The 11th Leo Esaki Award
The 18th Superconductivity Science and Technology Special Award
The 5th Superconducting Subcommittee Paper Award
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Academic Society Affiliations
2010/1/1 - 2037/12/31
The Japan Society of Applied Physics
2000/11/19 - 2037/12/31
American Physical Society