Higami Yoshikazu Professor

Tokyo University of Science,
Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Department of Medicinal and Life Sciences


Address 2641 Yamazaki, Noda-shi, Chiba-ken 278-8510, Japan
TEL : +81-4-7124-1501  ext : 6535
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Homepage URL http://www.tus.ac.jp/fac/kyouin/kyouin.php?ym/higami
Under-Graduate School 1986, Nagasaki University School of Medicine Graduated
Graduate School 1990, Nagasaki University Graduate School, Division of Medicine Doctoral course Completed program with degree
Postgraduate Qualification Nagasaki University Ph.D. Course
Research History 1986-1990: pathogenesis of experimental brain tumor
1990-present: mechanism and regulation of aging and age-related diseases
Employment History 1990-1992 Department of Physiology, The University of Texas, Health Science Center at San Antonio, Tx, Assistant instructor
1993-1994 Department of Pathology, Nagasaki University School of Medicine, Japan, Instructor
1994-2000 Department of Pathology, Nagasaki University School of Medicine, Japan, Assistant professor
2000-2007 Department of Pathology, Nagasaki University School of Medicine, Japan, Associate professor
2001-2003 Department of Medicine, University of Wisconsin, Madison, WI, Visiting assistant scientist
2007- Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Tokyo University of Science, Professor
Sex Male
Date of Birth
Research Keyword aging, healthy longevity, adipocyte, breast cancer
Research Area Environmental physiology (including physical medicine and nutritional physiology) (Regulation of lifespan and aging, development of anti-obesity drug)
Research Institute Theme 1. Molecular mechanism of metabolic improvement, anti-aging aand prolongevity actions of calotic restriction, 2 Development of caloric restriction mimetic medicine, 3. Molecular pathology of obese adipose tissue, 4. Mitochondrial function in adipocytes and adipose tissue, 5. Lysosome function in adipocytes and adipose tissue
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