KUCHITSU Kazuyuki Professor

Tokyo University of Science,
Faculty of Science and Technology, Department of Applied Biological Science


Address 2641 Yamazaki, Noda-shi, Chiba-ken 278-8510, Japan
TEL : +81-4-7124-1501
E-mail Address
Homepage URL https://www.facebook.com/KuchitsuLab
Under-Graduate School 1985, The University of Tokyo Faculty of Science Department of Biology Graduated
Graduate School 1990, The University of Tokyo Graduate School, Division of Science Department of Plant Science Doctoral course Completed program with degree
Postgraduate Qualification The University of Tokyo Doctor of Science Course
Research History 1984-1985 research on yeast vacuolar membrane transport
1985-1990 research on environmental responses of unicellular green algae
1990-1995 research on biotic and abiotic stress responses in rice
1995-1997 research on abiotic stress signal transduction in Arabidopsis stomatal guard cells
1997-1999 research on immune responses in rice
1999-present research on molecular mechanisms for programmed cell death in plants
1999-present research on molecular mechanisms for stress signal transduction in plants
2004-present research on reactive oxygen species signaling in plants
2008-present research on novel plant defense activators
Employment History
Research Keyword plant molecular physiology, cell biology, plant immunity
Research Area Plant molecular biology/Plant physiology (signal transduction, plant immunity, environmental response, membrane, cell death)
Research Institute Theme

Roles of organelles in regulation of defense responses and programmed cell death in plants
Molecular Mechanisms for Ca2+-Mediated Signal Transduction in Rice
Academic Awards Received
Best Imaging Award
Editor's choice award
Best Imaging Award
Best Imaging Award
Ecosystem Conservation Society-Japan Award
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Academic Society Affiliations
2022/1/1 - 2023/12/31
Japanese Society of Plant Physiologists
Board Member
2020/1/1 - 2021/12/31
Japanese Society of Plant Physiologists
Board Member
2019/11/30 - 2023/3/31
Peroxidase Society of Japan
Organizing Committee Chairman
2018/8/5 - 2018/8/10
International Plant Molecular Biology 2018
Session Chair
2017/9/16 - 2018/9/4
Bioimaging Society
Organizing Committee Member
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