KONDO Yukishige Professor

Tokyo University of Science,
Faculty of Engineering, Department of Industrial Chemistry


Address 6-3-1, Niijuku, Katsushika-ku, Tokyo 125-8585, Japan
TEL : +81-3-5876-1717
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Homepage URL https://www.kondo-lab.org/
Under-Graduate School 1991, Tokyo University of Science Faculty of Science and Engineering Industrial chemistry Graduated
Graduate School 1995, Tokyo University of Science Graduate School, Division of Science and Engineering Industrial chemistry Doctoral course Dropped out
Postgraduate Qualification Tokyo University of Science Doctor of Engineering Research papers
Research History 1990-1995 Study of the Solubilization of Organic Molecules Using Surfactant Vesicles
1996-present Study of the Synthesis and Solution Properties of Functional Surfactants (in particular, fluorocarbon-hydrocarbon hybrid surfactants)
2004-2005 Study of the Cell Transfection Using Redox-active Lipids
2006-present 1. Synthesis of Stimuli-responsive Surfactants and Their Solution Properties 2. Study on the Preparation of Metal-free Metallic Luster Low-molecular-weight Organic Crystals 3. Synthesis and Solution Properties of Novel Fluorocarbon Surfactants
Employment History 1995- Faculty of Engineering, Tokyo University of Science, Research Associate
200408-200508 University of Wisconsin-Madison, Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering, , Visiting Assistant Professor
2007- Faculty of Engineering, Junior Associate Professor
2010- Faculty of Engineering, Tokyo University of Science, Associate Professor
2015- Faculty of Engineering, Tokyo University of Science, Professor
Research Keyword Surface chemistry, Colloid chemistry
Research Area Organic and hybrid materials (surfactant, solubilization, emulsification, dispersion, self-assembly, micelle, vesicle)
Research Institute Theme Syntheses of Hybrid Surfactants and their ability of Emulsification
Solubilization of Hydrophobic Compounds in Vesicular Solutions
Syntheses and Solution Properties of Polymerizable Fluorocarbon Surfactant
Academic Awards Received
14th J. Oleo Science Editors’ Award
Oral Presentation Award of 2008 Japan Research Institute of Material Technology Meeting
Academic Society Affiliations
2022/4/1 - 2023/3/31
Japan Oil Chemists' Society
2021/4/1 - 2022/3/31
Japan Oil Chemists' Society
2020/4/1 - 2021/3/31
Japan Oil Chemists' Society
2019/4/22 - 2020/4/21
Japan Oil Chemists' Society
2019/4/1 - 2023/3/31
Japan Oil Chemists' Society
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