KOJIMA Hirohito Professor

Tokyo University of Science,
Faculty of Science and Technology, Department of Civil Engineering


Address 2641 Yamazaki, Noda-shi, Chiba-ken 278-8510, Japan
TEL : +81-4-7124-1501
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Homepage URL http://www.rs.noda.tus.ac.jp/estlab/index.htm
Under-Graduate School 1984, Tokyo University of Science Faculty of Science and Engineering Department of Civil Engineering Graduated
Graduate School
Postgraduate Qualification Tokyo University of Science Dr. Eng. Research papers
Research History 1985-1988 Development of information processing, providing and management systems in construction fields.
1988-2001 On land use capability classification applying satellite remotely sensed data.
1988-2006 Development of muliti-spectral image classification methods.
1988-2006 Development of slope stability evaluation models applying satellite remotely sensed data.
2001-2006 Inverse analysis of unobserved triggering factors for slope stability evaluation.
1998-2006 Applicability of satellite remotely sensed data for liquefaction potential assessment.
1998-2006 Development of web-based processing and analysis systems for remotely sensed data.
(cf. http://www.rs.noda.tus.ac.jp/estlab/index.htm)
Employment History
Research Keyword earth environmental science and engineering, remote sensing, planning and plan of infrastructure, image processing and analysis
Research Area Civil engineering project/Traffic engineering (Spatial information engineering, remote sensing, image processing and analysis)
Research Institute Theme Development of the slope stability evaluation model applying satellite data
Development of web-based image quality evaluaiton system for hyperspectral data
Development of geometric correction method for remotely sensed data
Inverse analysis of liquefaction triggering factors applying remotely sensed data
Making the land use conception map with land use capability classification model applying satellite multispectral data
Development of image processing ana analysis methods based on visual illusion
Improvement of the multi-spectral classification applying Genetic Algorithms
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Academic Society Affiliations
2019/6/4 - 2021/5/31
The Remote Sensing Society of Japan
Vice President of The Remote Sensing Society of Japan
2019/6/4 - 2021/5/31
The Remote Sensing Society of Japan
2019/6/4 - 2021/5/31
The Remote Sensing Society of Japan
2010/6/1 - 2011/5/31
Wessex Institute of Technology (WIT), UK.
Member, International Scientific Advisory Committee,Wessex Institute of  Technology (WIT), UK.
2010/4/1 - 2011/5/31
The Remote Sensing Society of Japan
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