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YUASA  Makoto Professor

Tokyo University of Science, Faculty of Science and Technology, Department of Pure and Applied Chemistry


Address 2641 Yamazaki, Noda-shi, Chiba-ken 278-8510, Japan
TEL : +81-4-7124-1501
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Under-Graduate School 1983, Waseda University Faculty of Science and Engineering Department of Applied Chemistry Graduated
Graduate School 1988, Waseda University Graduate School, Division of Science and Engineering Applied Chemistry Doctoral course Completed program with degree
Postgraduate Qualification Waseda University Doctor of Engineering Course
Waseda University Master of Engineering Course
Research History
Employment History 1988-1993 Tokyo University of Science, Research Associate
1993-1998 Tokyo University of Science, Assistant Professor
1996-1997 California Institute of Technology, Visiting Researcher
1996- National Institute of Materials and Chemical Research, Visiting Researcher
1998-1999 Chiba University, Part-time Lecturer
1998-2001 Tokyo University of Science, Associate Professor
2000-2001 Ibaragi University, Part-time Lecturer
2000- Tokyo Metropolitan University, Part-time Lecturer
2001- Chiba University, Part-time Lecturer
Sex Male
Date of Birth
Research Keyword
Research Area Physical chemistry (Electrochemistry, Colloid & interface chemistry)
Functional solid state chemistry (Sensor, Electrocatalyst, Antioxidant ´╝ćanti-cancer drug)
Polymer chemistry (Macromolecule-metal complex, Electropolymerization, Functional polymer)
Bio-related chemistry (Biomimetic chemistry, Hemoprotein chemistry, Nano-biotechnology)
Research Institute Theme Research on molecular designs of macromolecule/metal systems and their electrocatalytic activities
Research on fine syntheses of macromolecule-metal complex systems and their sensor evaluation methods
Research on constructions of macromolecule-metalloporphyrin complex systems and their antioxidant abilities
Research on developments of functional polymer materials
Research on developments of highly efficient bath of precious metal-platings
Academic Awards Received
Encouragement Award of Prize for Oral Lecture in 2013 Meeting of Japan Research Institute of Material Technology
Gold Poster Award in 2013 Meeting of Japan Research Institute of Material Technology
Encouragement Award of Prize for Oral Lecture in 2013 Meeting of Japan Research Institute of Material Technology
2012 Best Article Award of Material Technology of Japan Research Institute
Gold Poster Award in 2012 Meeting of Japan Research Institute of Material Technology
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Academic Society Affiliations
2014/4 - 2018/3
the Electrochemical Society of Japan
2010/4 - 2018/3/31
the Society of Polymer Science, Japan
2008/3 - 2010/2
the Chemical Society of Japan
2007/2 - 2011/2
The Surface Finishing Society of Japan
2006/10 - 2007/6
American Chemical Society (ACS)
Session organizer of IUPAC and ACS Conference on Macromolecules for a Safe, Sustainable and Healthy World, 2nd Strategic Polymer Symposium (IUMACRO 2007, New York, USA, June 10-13, 2007)
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