Tokyo University of Science

Since this Organization was inaugurated in April 2015, it has steadily implemented a variety of internationalization measures with the objective of transforming TUS to “A university acknowledged by the world” .

We are moving ahead with the internationalization of students, teaching staff and general staff by implementing new measures which include diversification of overseas study programs for students, international cooperative research projects within the university, and projects aimed at the development of young researchers.

Further, we have formulated an Internationalization Promotion Strategy Mid-term Plan to facilitate a cohesive university-wide approach to internationalization. Up until 2020 we will be focusing on

  1. Internationalization of students
  2. Expansion of acceptance of overseas students
  3. Promotion of international staff exchanges
  4. Promotion of international research collaboration
  5. Development of infrastructure

and we will be working steadily to implement these measures.

In the area of alumni associations, following on from the inauguration of alumni associations in North California, Shanghai and Singapore, new associations have been set up in Malaysia and Indonesia.

Internationalization is not something that can be achieved overnight but the highest priority objective for this Organization will be “Promotion of new projects for the advancement of internationalization”. I think we can look forward to major progress.

Director of the Organization for Advancement of Internationalization
Soichiro Okamura