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Message from the Director of Center for Promotion of Internationalization

Rapid advances in globalization have resulted in major changes in our university environment, both internal and external. For TUS to continue to fulfil its social mission midst such changes, more than ever it is expected to assure even higher quality education and research through promoting internationalization. This will be achieved by securing international recognition of its education and research programs and systems, and creating a favorable environment on a global scale for outstanding people and knowledge.

At the Tokyo University of Science, while we have implemented a variety of initiatives to promote internationalization with the aim of becoming a world-class international science and technology university, in April 2015, we established the Organization for Advancement of Internationalization, headed by TUS Vice-President Chiaki Mukai, as part of bolstering our organization to further accelerate internationalization. It has been decided that an Internationalization Strategy Mid-term Plan will be created in order to promote cohesive action by the whole university under this new organization.

From April, the Organization established five working subcommittees for topics such as the promotion of internationalization, conducted intensive discussions and investigations, and finally produced an Internationalization Strategy Mid-term Plan in October. Given that the Mid-term Plan has a limited duration of five years and based on recognition of the absolute importance of properly achieving the various measures incorporated in the plan, it was decided to implement the following areas as a matter of priority.

  1. Improving English language capabilities
  2. Cultivating an international perspective by students and teaching staff
  3. Having at least one foreign student (postgraduate or postdoctoral) in each laboratory
  4. Strengthening the organizational structure to facilitate implementation of measures in the plan

Since this Center was inaugurated in April 2008 it has implemented a diverse range of measures towards internationalization. Internationalization is not an easy process and takes time but this Center will be making a dedicated effort to steadily implement the Mid-term Plan and we look forward to your understanding and cooperation in these endeavors.

Thanks to the considerable efforts of all concerned, we have launched more overseas alumni associations starting with Indonesia in May and Malaysia in October this year. In conjunction with the previously established alumni associations in North California, Shanghai and Singapore, our network of graduates is expanding. While a cooperative relationship with the North California Alumni Association has already been formed under the Silicon Valley Program being implemented by TUS, we believe that it is important to promote the internationalization of this university by further expanding such networks.

Director of Center for Promotion of Internationalization
Soichiro Okamura