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Before Arrival

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Before arriving in Japan

Obtaining a visa (required documents, etc.)

As a general rule, foreigners entering Japan must possess a visa stating the reason for their visit, period of stay, and residential qualifications from the Japanese embassy or Japanese consulate in their own nation.

Information on dormitories

International students may apply for the TUS International dormitories or the privates dormitories arranged to provide housing at reasonable rents.

Once you've arrived

Issuance of Resident Card

A Resident Card will be issued to persons residing in Japan with a mid- to long-term resident status.

Japan National Health Insurance

All students on a student visa must register their address and obtain the National Health Insurance at the local office belonging to the district (city, ward, village) of their place of residence.

Once enrolled

Enrollment Confirmation

You must confirm your enrollment monthly to the respective office at your campus.
Please be sure to conduct this action each month.

Leaving Japan Temporarily and Re-entry Permit

When leaving temporarily Japan you should hand in a “Notice of Temporary Leave” to the respective office at your campus.

Visa Renewal

Information about visa renewal procedures and the documentation you must prepare.

International Student Advisor System

TUS has an advisor system for newly admitted international students in the department that covers their first half year of study.

International Student Assistance Services

Each campus has an International Student Services Section with Bulletin Boards, offering a variety of support services and information for international students.

Japanese Language Classes

Some undergraduate programs have classes on the Japanese language and on Japan.