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Kenji Shiba

Electric power engineering/electric equipment engineering

Associate Prof. Kenji Shiba
Department of Applied Electronics
Faculty of Industrial Science and Technology

We plan to design a TETS having the following specifications.
・High energy transmission efficiency (90-98%)
・High power transmission (10m - 40W)
・Free from biological effects

A transcutaneous energy transmission system (TETS) is a transmission system for implantable medical devices, based on electromagnetic induction.


Power source of implantable medical devices (Left ventricular assist device, pacemaker, ICD, capsule endoscope, implantable sensors, etc.)

This method can improve the quality of life (QOL) of a patient and reduced the risk of infection relative to percutaneous connections.

Selected Publications

1. K.Shiba, M.Nukaya, et al.: Analysis of Current Density and Specific Absorption Rate in Biological Tissue Surrounding Transcutaneous Transformer for an Artificial Heart, IEEE Trans. Biomed Eng., 55(1), 205-213, 2008.
2. K.Shiba, T.Nagato, et al.: Energy Transmission Transformer for a Wireless Capsule Endoscope: Analysis of Specific Absorption Rate and Current Density in Biological Tissue, IEEE Trans. Biomed Eng., 55(7), 1864-1871, 2008.
3.N.Higaki, K.Shiba: Analysis of Specific Absorption Rate and Current Density in Biological Tissues Surreounding Energy Transmission Transformer for an Artificial Heart: Using MRI-basedHuman Body Model, Artificial Organs, 34, (1), E1-E9, 2010.
4. K.Shiba, A.Morimasa, et al.: Design and development of low-loss transformer for dowering small implantable medical devices, IEEE Trans. Biomed Circuits and Systems, 4(2), 77-85, 2010.


Kenji Shiba received Dr.Eng. degrees in electrical engineering from Tokyo University of Science in Chiba, Japan, in 2000. In 2004, he joined the Department of Arti?cial Complex Systems at Hiroshima University as an Associate Professor. In 2010, he joined the Department of Applied Electronics at Tokyo University of Science, where he is now an Associate Professor.

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