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Research Related to "Development of New Electrode Materials for Sodium Ion Cells" by Tokyo University of Science Faculty Members Featured in Nature Materials


Research related to the development of new electrode material for sodium ion cells by the research group comprised of Instructor Naoaki Yabuuchi of the Research Institute for Science and Technology of the Tokyo University of Science and Associate Professor Shinichi Komaba of the Department of Applied Chemistry in the Faculty of Science Division I, among others, has been featured in the online edition of "Nature Materials" dated April 29 (local time).
There are expectations for sodium ion cells as next-generation secondary cells.
The newly developed electrode materials are oxides of sodium, iron and manganese, and the reserve of electricity and the incoming and outgoing speed are equivalent to those of positive electrodes of lithium-ion cells that are currently used in electric vehicles.
Sodium-ion cells do not use rare metals, which are used in current lithium-ion batteries and are highly dependent on being imported. Therefore, there are expectations for sodium-ion batteries to be put to practical use as inexpensive secondary cells that use sodium, which is found in large quantities in seawater. In the development featured in this research, focus is placed on linkage with stable production of sodium-ion cells.
For details, please see the page on which the research is featured.

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