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Four Faculty Members and Students from Chinese Academy of Sciences Visit the Tokyo University of Science through JST's Sakura Science Plan--Joint Research Activities Implemented on Photocatalysis

2016.12.16 Friday


For a 21-day period from November 6 to November 26, one faculty member and three graduate students form the Chinese Academy of Sciences in China visited the Photocatalysis International Research Center on the Noda Campus and conducted joint research, through the support of the Japan-Asia Youth Exchange Program in Science ("Sakura Science Plan") organized by the Japan Science and Technology Agency (JST).

The objective of this program, as a joint research activities course, is to have participants understand photocatalysis, from basic knowledge to its range of applications, by conducting joint research activities on photocatalysis, which is a scientific technology that Japan boasts, and to have them experience its splendor by coming in contact with Japan's most advanced science and technology, as well as culture.

In this program, in order to deepen the visitors' understanding of photocatalysis, which is technology developed in Japan, a tour of the Photocatalysis International Research Center was arranged. During the tour, the visitors expressed a great deal of interest in the facilities and exhibitions in the Center, as well as on the research contents on cutting-edge photocatalysis. On this same day, there were also visitors from the JST's China Research and Communication Center, and as they toured the Center with the students, it was evident that there is a high level of interest in photocatalysis in China.

In addition, the visitors also toured the National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation (Miraikan) in order to learn about Japanese science and technology. They also visited the Museum of Science that is affiliated with the Tokyo University of Science, and were able to learn the history of computers and recording technology, as well as the history of the Tokyo University of Science. Also, at the Mathematics Museum, which is adjacent to the Museum of Science, the visitors enjoyed a plan where they could experience mathematics using all five senses.

This exchange brought a good opportunity for joint research, in terms of research as well. The group from the Chinese Academy of Sciences had progressed in cutting-edge research related to photoelectrodes, and by conducting exchanges in photocatalysis research with TUS, opportunities for both parties to make further progress in research were created. A promise was made to continue discussions on research continuously even after this exchange.

On the final day of the exchange, a farewell party was held, despite the dread of having to part. TUS is planning on sending Japanese students to China while the passion from this exchange is still warm, and also to impart continuity.

Tour of Photocatalysis International Research Center
Commemorative photo at Miraikan
At TUS' Museum of Science