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Five People from India's University of Pune Visit the Tokyo University of Science through JST's Sakura Science Plan

2016.11.14 Monday


For three weeks from October 2 to October 22, 2016, the Tokyo University of Science's Photocatalysis International Research Center welcomed distinguished young researchers and students from India's University of Pune (Figure 1). The University of Pune is India's top third general university, with a total of 500,000 students. Among these, a total of five people--two faculty members, two postdoctoral researchers and one graduate student with excellent skills of material science and coating technology--visited Japan.

In particular, the joint research that was implemented at this time was related to contents on synthesis of functional materials and coating, with a focus on photocatalysis. On the second day of their visit, a research presentation was held, including an exchange of information between the two parties (Figure 2). On this occasion, the Japanese students made presentations actively in English, resulting in not only information sharing but a good opportunity for active exchange.

In addition, to experience the photocatalytic coating on lacquered materials, which is being implemented in a Research Topic (Topic Name: Fusion study on lacquered buildings and most advanced science and technology using the shrines and temples of Nikko as examples) for Grants-in-aid for Scientific Research, Basic Research B (General), the participants also visited Nikko, and were able to experience the traditional culture of Japan (Figure 3). The original research that aimed to fuse the photocatalysis technology conceived in Japan with Japanese traditional culture was regarded highly by everyone.

In between research, the visitors also toured the Science Museum and experienced Japan's high technological capacity (Figure 4). With many experience-based exhibitions that are not found in India, they were able to enjoy the museum fully.

In the end, being able to have exchanges with distinguished researchers and students from India through this opportunity provided great stimulation for the Japanese students and served as a meaningful experience. The Tokyo University of Science is appreciative of the JST's Sakura Science Plan, which has created such an opportunity for exchange, as well as of the support by the Research Support Section and International Affairs Section.

Figure 1 Group photo with the members from India's University of Pune
Figure 2 Research presentation with information exchange
Figure 3 Visit to Nikko
Figure 4 Tour of Science Museum