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In the Graduate School of Chemical Sciences and Technology, chemical researchers engaged in science and engineering are developing the latest technology in their individual, original research areas to resolve global issues regarding intractable diseases and environmental preservation/energy resources, etc. that modern-day society is directly faced with. At the same time, such researchers are casting aside their differences to gather together, check each other's research, and construct a barrier-free education and research environment based on close cooperation. The Graduate School of Chemical Sciences and Technology implements the latest education and research while flexibly handling global issues in modern society by integrating knowledge on science with engineering.

Master's Course

In the master's course, emphasis is placed on cultivating engineers with the basic scholastic ability for deeply understanding the properties and changes of matter, to promote the cultivation of researchers with the capacity to create and develop substances and energy necessary for society, advanced knowledge related to the global environment and life phenomena, as well as the ability to contribute to continuously constructing a society where humans can live easily, who are full of social conscience and can be successful in broad fields.

Doctoral Course

The doctoral course cultivates leading researchers who have acquired an international sense and expertise related to chemistry, who can initiate new paths in academic fields, and organize active academic society activities, as well as front-line engineers who can develop new chemical technology and lead the way in continuously constructing an comfortable society.

The Graduate School of Chemical Sciences and Technology promotes the integration of broad fields, from basic chemistry and applied chemistry to industrial chemistry, and provides 5 courses "Molecular Assembly/Molecular Science""Synthetic Organic Chemistry/Chemistry of Organic Reactions""Functional Materials/Biomaterials Chemistry" "Energy and Environmental Chemistry" and "Industrial Chemistry".


  1. The objective of the master's course is to cultivate superior human resources who are full of social conscience and have pursued deep learning on integrated chemistry from a broad perspective, based on the foundation of general and specialized education in undergraduate studies associated with chemistry, and who possess the ability to contribute to the construction of a society in which it is easy for humans to live.
  2. The objective of the doctoral course is to foster leading researchers and engineers who have acquired an international sense and great expertise related to integrated chemistry, and who can lead the way in exploiting and developing new academic fields and chemical technology to propel the frontline of fundamental chemistry further forward, as well as in continuously constructing an easily-livable society.