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KOMODA  Masayo Professor

Tokyo University of Science, Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Department of Pharmacy


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Under-Graduate School 1978, Tokyo University of Science Faculty of Pharmaceutical Science Graduated
Graduate School 2007, Chiba University Advanced Medical Science Doctoral course Completed program with degree
Postgraduate Qualification Chiba University Doctor(Clinical pharmaceutical science) Course
Research History 1980-1981 Pharmacokinetics of 5-Fu masked compounds.
1981-1986 Pharmacokinetics of paraquat.
1996-2000 Developement of computer system for pharmacist.
2000-2006 Developement of computer system for pharmaceutical care on medical safety.
Employment History
Sex Female
Date of Birth
Research Keyword Medical Safety
Research Area Environmental and hygienic pharmacy ( Research of safety and efficacy of whole body bathing application of ivermectin)
Medical pharmacy (Research of computer systems for pharmacist's activities forward patient safety)
Research Institute Theme Clinical trial of phenothrin and ivermectin that verifies efficacy and safety for head lice disease.
Safety of ivermectin applied by external whole-body bathing method in scabies patients
Effect of high fat meal intake on the pharmacokinetic profile of ivermectin in Japanese scabies patients
Crinical Trial of Bicarbonate Sugar Ointment for Skin inflammation after PEG placement.

Roles of Pharmacist in Infection Control Team
Roles of Pharmacist in Nutrition Support Team
The Diagnosis and Treatment of Scabies
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2014/4/1 - 2016/3/31
The Japanese Journal of Dermatology
2009/5/17 - 2011/5/16
Journal of Chiba Society of Hospital Pharmacists
2008/4/1 - 2012/3/31
Journal of The Chaba Pharmaceutical Association
2007/4/1 - 2008/3/31
Journal of The Japan Pharmaceutical Association
2005/4/1 - 2006/3/31
The Japanese Journal of Dermatology
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