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Acquire solid, specialized skills and knowledge through steady accumulation of experiments, discussions and practice

The Faculty of Engineering Division II makes use of its rich experience in evening education as the Tokyo Butsurigaku Koshujo (Tokyo Academy of Physics), the precursor of the Tokyo University of Science, and is a faculty that was established as an evening education program for engineering. With the Faculty of Engineering Division I, which was established with the purpose of "contributing to industry promotion and development by carrying out education and research on engineering based on the fundamentals of science, and cultivating superior researchers and specialized engineers" as the parent body, the Faculty of Engineering Division II implements education based on the educational and research philosophy of the university of "creating science and technology for nature, people and society and the harmonious development of both" with the purpose of "evening undergraduate education for cultivating human resources with skills and passion" and "adult education and education of working people with the meaning of continuing education." The educational target of the faculty is to focus on people who have a passion for learning but who only have time to study in the evenings to enable them to "acquire solid, specialized knowledge and skills" through steady accumulation of experiments, discussions and practices that are essential to engineering education, and to "cultivate broad educated knowledge, creativity and human qualities" while adhering to "meritocracy," which is the tradition of this university.

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Mamoru Kohno

Faculty of Engineering Division II
Dean, Mamoru Kohno

Cultivate Solid Merit based on Creative Education Methods and Opening Doors to Students of a Wide Range of Ages with Diverse Life Experiences and Educational Histories

The Faculty of Engineering Division II possesses a long tradition of evening education in engineering, and has produced superior human resources in various fields. Even today, its doors are open to students with a broad range of ages who have diverse life experiences and educational histories, and the faculty is contributing to the future design planning that supports the targets of each student. By holding special lectures for required classes for first-year students on Saturdays, the faculty accommodates transfer students who are working while learning, and as our students have diverse educational histories, the faculty also provides generous learning support so that students can transfer smoothly to specialized subjects. Recently, the faculty has been focusing its power on pre-university education for admitted students. In addition, although it is considered as an evening faculty, the Faculty of Engineering Division II adheres to a "gateway system" that is the tradition of the university, and is expanding an education system where students can graduate upon acquiring solid merit. The faculty also has a system where students can select a research group from either Division I or Division II, and there is also an increasing trend in the number of students who go on to graduate school every year. This is the optimal faculty for people who have the drive to acquire true merits in engineering.